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History since 1979

Our History

The history of Tube-O-flex dates back to 1979 when Ashraf Mohamed open its doors in Cape Town South Africa. From humble beginnings the company very soon established itself as one of the largest distributors of flexible hoses, not only in South Africa, but in the rest of Southern Africa region.

In 1989 the company opened a subsidiary in Namibia and this saw the birth of Tube-O-Flex Namibia as we know it today. In 2005 Tube-O-Flex (Namibia) open a new chapter in its history by selling a majority equity stake to a Black Economic Empowerment company, Onyewu Holdings.

How we Grew

Our Timeline

We have been able to constantly adapt and evolve over the years to meet the challenges of our ever-changing environment. We did this through our dedication to service delivery excellence and through all the resources who have played a part in our journey.
  • 1979

    Ashraf Mohamed opens Tube-O-flex in Cape Town, South Africa, specializing in flexible hoses.

  • 1989

    Tube-O-Flex expands by establishing a subsidiary in Namibia.

  • 2005

    Tube-O-Flex (Namibia) takes a significant step by selling a majority equity stake to Onyewu Holdings, a Black Economic Empowerment company.

  • Today

    Tube-O-Flex celebrates a proud heritage of over three decades of success which has been possible because of doing things differently with the prospects of even greater triumphs in the years ahead.

How We Operate

Our Strategy & Philosophy

Our strategy is to create value on a sustainable basis for all our stakeholders, shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers and the communities in which we operate. We create value through sharing knowledge, innovation, and best practice. We conduct our business based on enduring relationships, trust, and perseverance.
Our business philosophy extends to developing long term partnering relationships with our suppliers and customers, an active involvement with the surrounding communities in which we operate and maintaining a constructive value adding relationship with the government at all levels.

Work We Believe in

Core Principles

  • To develop and nurture a lasting partnership with our customers;

  • To provide sustained growth and reasonable profits to our stakeholders;

  • To create trust and work closely with our partners for our mutual benefit;

  • To be an equal opportunity company playing an active and deliberate role in development of historically disadvantaged people;

  • To be socially responsible and never compromise our integrity;

  • To contribute through networking to the success of business where we will be involved.

  • Our culture is based on decisiveness, simplicity, cost consciousness and accountability.

  • We expect ethical behavior and high performance from every employee.

  • We encourage an open-minded and innovative spirit.

  • To be empowered through participation.

Health & Safety

In conducting all of its activities, Tube-O-Flex undertakes to protect and maintain the safety, health and environment of its employees, customers and suppliers. The company also strives to maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well-being amongst the above stakeholders, and to prevent any harm or loss to the surrounding environment and population as far as possible.

Past Projects


08 MAY 2023

Supply and Delivery of 129 Hose Pipes: 100 MMID x 30M 310 KPA WP TH

Trevali - Rosh Pinah Zinc Corporation (Pty) Ltd

22 JUNE 2023

Supply and Delivery of Pipe Shouldered Galv; Dia=50MM


03 NOVEMBER 2022

Supply and Delivery of 129 Hose Pipes: 100MMID x 30M 310 KPA WP


17 OCTOBER 2022

Supply and Delivery of Fabricated Fittings


18 FEBRUARY 2021

Procurement of 600NB and 700NB DCI Pipes for Priority 2: Section 4 and Section 5 of the Collector 1, Schwarzekuppe Swakopmund Pipeline Replacement

Ohangwena Regional Council

27 FEBRUARY 2020

Supply of Different Sizes of Coupling, UPVC Pipes, Ball Valves, Reducing Dushes, HDPE Pipes and Water Meters

Principal Investments (PTY) LTD (NAMWATER)

19 OCTOBER 2020

Supply of Pipeline Materials for Kombat Waterline


27 JANUARY 2022

Supply and Delivery of Pipe Fittings

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